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Bookworks centered around months of the year.
Erotica and love miniatures designed by Alicia Bailey
One-of-a-kind miniature bookworks by Bailey
Poetry miniatures using Japanese poetic forms
Other artists' books by ravenpress


There Are Names for Those Acts We Long to Perform
By Alicia Bailey
Lake City, Colorado: ravenpress, c2001. Edition of 25.

1.75 x 2.5 x 1" closed, extends to 9". Miniature. Modified double-sided accordion hinged with tyvek. Color laserprint from original watercolors on pastepaper and color lasercopy on Mohawk Superfine text. Materials: acrylic tinted tyvek, paste & marbled papers. Housed in brass and wood box with hinged lid and ribbon lift. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Alicia Bailey: "Based on the traditional instructional pillow books given couples on their wedding night, this two-sided accordion contains 6 sexually explicit watercolors paired with 6 physical and spiritual descriptions of the 'embraces of love' taken from ancient Asian texts."

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Beach House
By Judith Vollmer
Lake City, Colorado: ravenpress, 1997. Edition of 12.

3 x 3 x 1" closed; 3 x 3 x 6" opened. Four-panel mixed media construction. Niches in two panels for brass charms. One panel with cutout for displays of a wire-wrapped clay tile in the shape of a house. Twine closure. Numbered.

Alicia Bailey: "The short excerpt from the poem, 'Motel, on the Anniversary of the Death of John Belushi' poignantly describes a life force as seemingly contained, yet vast beyond imagining."

Poem from the collection Level Green by Judith Vollmer.

... If a life is small as this room. it's also loud as a seascape crashing or breaking or winding up even in miniature and all alone


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Alicia Bailey: "In 1996 I began publishing under the ravenpress imprint. ravenpress publishes a few new titles each year; many are miniature books (3 inches or less). Producing erotic books is another area of interest." This section includes her erotica miniatures and those relating to relationships.

alphabet of desire
By Heidi Zednick
2006. Edition of 100.

2.75 x 2.75"; 26 pages. Archival inkjet prints with laser printing on #35 white paper in a flat-back case binding. Covers are of handmade paper made by Ray Tommaso. Endsheets are handmade paper by Katie McGregor. Title is foil stamped on cover.

Alicia Bailey:"alphabet of desire' is an extended love poem in the form of an abecedary. The illustrations are abstract expressions of the text. The text not only chronicles the celebration of a relationship but expresses a wish to not forget and to remain attentive to love."

Miniature version $75
Deluxe artist book of alphabet of desire $1200


Perfumed Garden
By Alicia Bailey
Colorado: 2001. Edition of 25.

1.5 x 2 x 3" box with book. Color laserprint on Mohawk Superfine papers. Bound drum leaf style. Housed in a carved soapstone box.

Drawing from the 16th-century Arab love manual The Perfumed Garden by Sheikh Nefzawi, “likely the most famous of the Arab love manuals. This book is based on … the eleven basic lovemaking postures.”

“Praise be given to Allah who has placed man’s greatest pleasure in the natural parts of woman and had destined the natural parts of man to afford the greatest enjoyment to woman.”



Seven Deadly Sins
By Jane Q. Spears
1999. Edition of 25.

2.75 x 2.25"; 30 pages. Modified board binding with open spine. Seven tip-ins. Inkjet, laser printing and laserfoil on Arches hot-press and translucent stock. In 3.1 x 2.75" box with ribbon lift out.

ravenpress: "The concept of vices that are fundamental to all sins has existed throughout the history of Christian theology. Pope Gregory the Great (c. 600 AD) was the first to formulate the seven deadly sins more or less as we know them today. Rich with opportunity for expression, this book combines a contemporary poem of the same title by Jane Q. Spears with images and text from a 12th-century Latin bestiary and watercolor illustrations by the artist."

Hrycus the Goat is a lascivious and butting animal who is always burning for coition....

Everything I see
is like this temple orange,
all its unveiled
pulp and juice
and fragrant meshes,
gasping spores as
rind is ripped away.

$140 (Five copies remaining)




Hunting the Burn
By Carolyn Hull
1998. Edition of 20.

2.375 x 2.25"; ten panels; a two-sided leporello with removable spines which allow it to function both as a codex and as an accordian. One side is an inkjet print of a painting by Alicia Bailey, the other side contains the poem. The 3 x 3 " box is wax covered papier-mâché with a hemp wrapped bullet on the lid, smooth black stones, and feathers inside. Presentation total size 3 x 3 x 4".

Alicia Bailey: "Poet Carolyn Hull is not the first to explore the similarities between the moment of firing a gun at a live target and the moment of orgasm, but her poem Hunting the Burn moves beyond this simple comparison to explore a variety of experiences."


Books in miniature regarding months of the year.

By Frances Horowitz
2001. Edition of 25.

3 x 2.875"; 7 pages (one side). A miniature accordian book. Intaglio printed with transfer text on Rives lightweight buff paper. Gold & silver flecked Unryu cover with hand-painted title.

A ravenpress miniature series book celebrating the seasons and months. The poem by Frances Horowitz is from her Collected Poems (Bloodaxe Books, Ltd, 1985).


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Poem by Susanna Roxman
Lake City, Colorado: ravenpress, 2001. Edition of 29.

2.5 x 1.75"; 28 pages. Each page illustrated. Book cover: birds nest paper, book cloth, handwritten spine, ribbon. Text pages: color copy on Mohawk superfine text with handpainted/stamping on backside. Housed in circular lidded box covered with pastepaper. Lid with glass/metal bead sculpture.

ravenpress: "This pairing of Susanna Roxman's poem 'October' with the paintings of Alicia Bailey compares the bleakness and chill of autumn landscape and the pervasive sense that autumn prophesies a period of decline alongside the awareness that this decline into dormancy heralds a period of renewed vigor and growth in the spring."

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Miniature books created using Japanese poetic forms of haiku and tanka.

Tanka Box
By Alicia Bailey
Colorado: ravenpress, 2001. Open Edition.

3 x 3 x 3" lidded box structure. When the lid is removed, each side folds out revealing a book. The pages are printed by color laser on Mohawk Superfine text. Box exterior hand stamped.

Tanka, a Japanese poetic form over 1300 years old, is a longer form than the more familiar haiku, thus allowing for more complex development. Originally tankas expressed private emotions between lovers and friends. Each wall of this Tanka Box is a book with poems and watercolor paintings by Alicia Bailey.

One-of-a-kind miniatures designed and produced by Alicia Bailey

No Worry
By Cole Swensen
Denver, Colorado: ravenpress, 2008. One-of-a-Kind.

3 x 3 x .75"; 18 pages. Transfer printed onto cyanotype pages. Surface applied color. Board book style with exposed spine. Page edges tinted with metallic pigment. Bound in boards with layers of leather applied in the Lacunose style developed by UK binder Paul Delrue [see below]. Book design and production by Alicia Bailey.

Paul Delrue, from his website: "[Lacunose] is a technique developed by Paul .... The effect is created by building up a collage of different coloured leathers, pared very thinly, and then sanding the leather so that the different colours start to appear through each other. The results can be surprising and unexpected and can create stunning effects."

Text from Cole Swensen's collection New Math (William Morrow & Co., New York, 1988) which won the National Poetry Series for 1987.

... Worry about beauty.
          It can sell you anything. ...




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The Water of the Flesh
By Cole Swensen
Denver, Colorado: ravenpress, 2008. One-of-a-Kind.

3 x 3 x .5"; 16 pages. Cyanotype prints on Rives BFK paper. Laserprint transfer text. Page edges tinted with yellow pigment. End sheets cyanotype on Rives BFK. Bound in board covered with cyanotype printed fabric. Front cover label laser transfer on leather. Spine covered in leather, the edges of which have been tinted with dark blue pigment. Book design and production by Alicia Bailey.

The text is an excerpt from Noli Me Tangere from the collection Try (1999), which won the Iowa Poetry Prize. Swensen, awarded a 2006 Guggenheim Fellowship, is the author of over ten collections of poetry.

... To recognize the rest
          the line between flesh
      and everything flesh
              grew lonely ...



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By Cole Swensen
Denver, Colorado: ravenpress, 2008. One-of-a-Kind.

3 x 3 x .5"; 16 pages. Cyanotype prints on Rives BFK paper with hand and machine stitching. Laserprint transfer text. Page edges tinted with yellow pigment. End sheets linocuts on Rives BFK. Bound in board covered with handprinted and painted fabric. Spine covered in embossed yellow leather, the edges of which have been tinted with dark blue pigment. Paper title label on front board. Book design and production by Alicia Bailey.

The text is from the collection Try (1999), which won the Iowa Poetry Prize. Swensen, awarded a 2006 Guggenheim Fellowship, is the author of over ten collections of poetry.

Strove the uncommon
    unto custom
        Thriving seemed
              and then arrived
                    as the thread pulled
                           and the needle screamed

                                                                   friend ....




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ravenpress titles out of print or SOLD:  

Crystalline Flower
excerpt text by Pablo Neruda
translation by James Nolan
Aurora, Colorado: ravenpress, 2010. Edition of 18.

3 x 2.5"; 12 pages. Miniature. Housed in 2.625 x 2" cloth covered box.

Prospectus: "Text is etched onto thin sheets of mica that are backed by reproductions of Zednik's painting. Bound in an exposed spin, rigid board style that utilizes tinted tyvek hinges.

"The book covers are board covered with a commercial Wyndstone paper. Each book has a mica washer and copper bead affixed to the cover. Housed in a tray box lined with Japanese Tarei paper. The outside of the box is a rich brown Japanese cloth with an inset label of etched mica."

Pairs the words of Pablo Neruda's "XII" from Stones of the Sky (2008) with images painted by Heidi Zednik.

I want the light
located inside
to awaken
crystalline flower ...

(Out of Print)

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Haiku Box
Design by Alicia Bailey
1997. Open Edition.

3 x 3 x 3". Text laserprinted on textweight paste paper. Lid adorned with beads. Box hand-stamped and embossed. Each side of the box folds out to reveal text.

Traditional Haiku poetry refers to the rhythms of the natural world, quite often making explicit reference to the four seasons. Each wall of this box has a small book with Haiku poems for each season. The haikus were collected from several writers.

ark summer lake
with but one rower
                               unlit cabins

                                     ~Mary Acosta





By Alicia Bailey
Lake City, Colorado: ravenpress, 2001. Edition of 35.

Lipstick tube housing slit scroll book. Pages open by twisting the base of the lipstick tube. Pages lift and spread out. Laid into a 3.5 x 1 x .75" cloth-covered box coated in red wax with snap closure. Mirror attached to interior lid.

Alicia Bailey: "Carole Jackson wrote in her book Color Me Beautiful that 'the discovery of lipstick as a teenage girl changed my life.'

"This slit scroll book, housed in a lipstick tube, includes dozens of observations about the history, manufacture and general qualities of lipstick. The cloth covered box housing the tube is coated on the outside with red wax. A mirror inside the box has Jackson's words handwritten in red."

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The Raven and the Peacock
Text from writings of Peter Goodchild
Lake City, Colorado: ravenpress, 1998. Edition of 38.

1.75 x 1.25"; 26 pages. Accordion style with fixed covers. Four
black-and-white illustrations. The text and four illustrations are
laserprinted on paste-paper, laminated to an iridescent paper from Taiwan. Covers are museum board and Aqualine hand-marbled paper. The box is covered in a matching Aqualine paper with brass feather and glass bead ornament.

Text from Raven Tales: Traditional Stories of Native Peoples by Peter

Alicia Bailey: "Why is the peacock so brilliantly colored and the raven pure black? This hexagonal accordion style book tells the tale (based on a
traditional Native American story)."

(Out of print)

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A Tree Within
poem by Octavio Paz
translation by Eliot Weinberger
Aurora, Colorado: ravenpress, 2010. Edition of 26.

3 x 2.375 x 1"; 10 panels. Two-layered miniature accordion book, the text on delicate semi-transparent paper, the images on heavier paper beneath.

Prospectus: "The back (image) pages are hand printed (intaglio/woodcut/linocut, pochoir) on Rives Lightweight. The front (text) pages are walnut dyed unryu with laserprint transfer text. The endpapers are Pamela Smith handmarbled papers. The covers are Wenge wood with a gilded composition leaf design. The cover edges are also gilded. The title label is metal foil laserprinted and recessed into the wood. Housed in a box with a basswood-sided tray, paper lined, the outside covered with book cloth."

A tree grew inside my head.
A tree grew in.
Its roots are veins, its branches nerves,
thoughts its tangled foliage.
Your glance sets it on fire,
and its fruit of shade are blood oranges
& pomegranates of flame.
Day breaks in the body's night.
There within, inside my head, the tree speaks,
come closer - can you hear it?


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