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Heavenly Monkey Press: "The books published by HM do not easily fall into a common collecting category, by form or topic. The only thread joining our titles is, each appealed to Milroy enough to want a copy on his own shelf. While history of printing and the book will always be an area of interest, our attention strays widely."

Other editions by Heavenly Monkey Press

Memoirs of a Bibliomidget
By Anne C. Bromer
Vancouver, British Columbia / Boston, Massachusetts: Heavenly Monkey Press / Bromer Booksellers, 2015.
Edition: deluxe of 35; standard of 85.

2.25 x 2.75"; 72 pages. Miniature. Set in eight-point Centaur and Arrighi types. Printed with a Ostrander-Seymour Co. handpress on dampened papers. Signed by Anne Bromer on the colophon.

Heavenly Monkey Press: "A deluxe edition of 35 copies (I-XXXV) was printed on F.J. Head handmade paper, with each copy including four sample leaves from the books. Original calligraphy on the title page and colophon in each copy by Francesca Lohmann. These copies are bound in full leather by Sarah Creighton, with the vine pattern stamped in gilt. Issued in a folding box.

"The regular edition of 85 (1-85) copies was printed on Somerset Book paper, and bound by Sarah Creighton in a printed vine-patterned paper over boards. The design was created by Francesca Lohmann, who also drew the book’s interior foliage."

Heavenly Monkey Press: "Twenty-six years after their last publication, Anne Bromer has written a memoir of the eleven printed miniature books she produced with her husband and partner David from 1977 to 1989. In the book - itself a miniature (2.25 x 2.75 inches, 72 pp.) - she relates brief stories of pleasure, coincidence, and difficulty for each of their publications, followed by a detailed bibliographic description."
$150 Standard (Last Copy)

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Suminagashi: Paper & Ink Trials
By Barbara Hodgson.
Vancouver, British Columbia: Heavenly Monkey Editions, 2014. Edition of 12 + 3 A.P.

2.25 x 3" miniature. Marbled papers & design by Barbara Hodgson. Printed on Whatman paper by Rollin Milroy. Bound in blue leather with gilt enhancements and marbled end papers. Hand bound by Claudia Cohen. Laid in paper-covered clamshell box with leather title label on spine. Signed and numbered by Barbara Hodgson.

Suminagashi is a short version of the upcoming Decorated Paper (2015), a historical survey of techniques used around the world to create patterns and designs on paper. The miniature is a sample book of Hodgson's suminagashi trials with notations as to medium and paper.

Rollin Milroy, Heavenly Monkey blog 11.17.14: "Claudia's binding is lovely, especially considering she's not a fan of the miniature format. The blue leather is tooled in gilt and - the real testament to her skill - the thinnest blind rule just at the edges of boards.

"Inside, following Barbara's brief text on technique, we find her suminagashi experiments on different kinds of gampi, alternating between leafs [really? not leaves? is this a technical distinction?] of Whatman handmade paper (the same as used for the text) from which a letter has been cut out -
S U M I N A G A S H I."

Heavenly Blog 6.23.14 entry: "While researching decorative paper processes for the tentatively titled Decorated Paper, the next book by Claudia Cohen and Barbara Hodgson, Barbara has been experimenting with Japanese ink marbling, known as suminagashi.

"In the course of her experiments, she discovered that there were so many options with papers and inks, that it would be prudent to make the trial samples as small as possible. A microscope slide box (2.75 x 3.5 inches) made an ideal tray to hold the water and inks.

"So far, some 300 small sheets (2.5 x 3-inches) of gampi, mulberry, kozo, hosho, yatsuo, Guarro, Rives, and more have been marbled with Boku-Undo marbling dyes and Royal, sumi, Chunghwa and Kohinoor inks."

$975 (Last Copy)

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By Shinsuke Minegishi
Vancouver, British Columbia: Heavenly Monkey Press, (2004). Edition of 50.

2.5 x 3", miniature with 35 unnumbered pages. 9 postage-stamp sized engravings plus frontispiece.

Artist Shinsuke Minegishi has created a new series of wood engravings combining studies of human anatomy with his signature abstract mindscapes. Each of the ten engravings in the book is presented in the manner common to contemporary engravings in Japan: hand printed (rubbed) by the artist on gampi, then cropped and mounted on heavier rag paper. The artist's essay and biography are printed letterpress in 8-pt Gill San. The paper is Rives BFK. The book is sewn on two vellum tapes and laced into a paper cover printed with an original color lithograph by the artist. Signed by the artist on the colophon. Copy #11 of 50.

Shinsuke Minegishi, introduction: "Miniature books are not part of the tradition I come from, but the format allows me to pursue my interest in creating highly detailed images within a very small space, and also present a series of these images as a single body of work."
$275 (Last Copy)

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One Day: A Short Story of Science Fiction
By Anthony Burgess
Vancouver, British Columbia: A Lone Press (Heavenly Monkey), 1999. Edition of 36.

.25 x 2.125", 16 unnumbered pp. In blue pictorial handmade paper-covered boards. The imprint's (A Lone Press was the precursor of Heavenly Monkey Press) seasonal book for 1999 featuring a one-sentence story by Burgess, with color linocut illustrations. Printed as "a gift to family and friends of the press, Christmas 1999." The entire text printed across six pages: 'One day the sun rose in the west. The End.' Numbered but unsigned as issued.

Heavenly Monkey: "The story was seen, years ago, in a paperback with a title like The World's Shortest Science Fiction Stories. Luckily I was able to commit the entire text to memory, as subsequent efforts to find this book, and so to make the proper publishing requests, have been fruitless. All apologies to the author's estate; your copies are ready, just let me know where to send them."
$175 (One Copy)

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Heavenly Monkey Press Out of Print Titles:


A Christmas Secret
from Heavenly Monkey
Vancouver, British Columbia: Heavenly Monkey Press, 2002.
Unstated edition: "a few dozen copies."

1.625 x 2.125" miniature; 6 pages.

Heavenly Monkey seasonal book for 2002. Features 2 original drawings plus decorations by Charles van Sandwyk. A single sheet of handmade paper folded to make 4 openings, in a stiff printed paper cover. Unnumbered and unsigned as issued.

Rollin Milroy: "The answer to where the Heavenly Monkey name came from....not more than 40 produced."

El Autobus Azul:
Handmade Papers from Costa Rica
Vancouver, British Columbia: Heavenly Monkey Press, 2008.
Edition of 50.

2.25 x 3"; 36 pages. Casebound miniature. This is the Anniversary Standard Edition, commemorating the first book published by Milroy in 1998 under the A Lone Press imprint. This differs from the original in that it was printed from polymer plates and includes 4 instead of 7 paper samples.

Colophon: "The anniversary edition follows the text's original setting, reproduced here in digital Centaur and printed from polymer plates by David Clifford at Black Stone Press. Each copy contains 4 tipped in samples from the original edition. The book has been sewn and cased at Heavenly Monkey. The edition is 50 numbered copies, of which this is 43."

Rollin Milroy: "This book was my first letterpress book. It was issued almost one year after our vacation in Costa Rica. During that year I'd taken a few months off to learn the basics of setting and printing at Barbarian Press, and got myself set up with a small Kelsey press and some type. El Autobus Azul was appropriate in size and scope for my skills and equipment. For a first effort, and one printed on a tabletop press (which was unfairly maligned in the colophon), I have always been pleased with the presswork. In the decade since the book's publication I printed one more book on the Kelsey, then graduated to a Washington handpress and produced another two dozen titles. Cleaning up the studio last fall, to make room for a second handpress, I discovered the leftover pieces of Lil Mena's paper in a folder. The original edition of El Autobus Azul was just 15 copies, of which five were hors commerce. All ten copies sold in one week, and it has remained one of the most requested of my books. This, and the realization that I'd been moving leftover samples around the studio for almost a decade, gave me the idea to revisit the autobus. The original edition had seven folio samples sewn in — it was very thick, and the heavy papers didn't turn well. The book was cased in kangaroo hyde with paper fore edges. This edition offers fewer and smaller samples but I think it is more aesthetically satisfying overall. It also includes the linocut frontis I created for the original but did not end up using."

Uncommon Paper
By Rollin Milroy
Vancouver, British Columbia: Heavenly Monkey Press , 2013.
Edition of 26.

3 x 3"; 24 leaves. Miniature. Set and printed by hand on a Pratt Albion press. Frontispiece composed by Rollin Milroy from pieces of 9 of the 12 papers used in the book. Binding paper made by Red Lissel and dyed by Barbara Hodgson. Lettered.

Introduction: "This book collects off-cuts of papers from HM's recent book Paper Should Not Always Be White. Not all of the papers in that book are here, just ones that had to be trimmed to fit the page dimensions. Most of the papers are handmade, and most are from mills now gone (& in one case, long gone). All of them too lovely to discard or abandon, so we make another book."

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