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a telescopic view

By Michael Jacobs
Seattle, Washington: The Creative Zone, 2007. Edition of 100.

Wraparound open-sided slipcase (2.9 x 2.9") holds miniature book (2.6 x 2.6") and articulated telescope (2.5 x 2.75" closed; 2.5 x 7.25"; collapsible easel on back). Book: 8 pages; title text 14 pt and 10 pt Palatine; body text 6.5 pt. Helvetica; printed on an Imac G3; bound in accordion format. Miniature book and telescope laid into a five-sided wrap.

Michael Jacobs: "A tiny book with brief biography and timeline on Galileo's life, an articulated telescope with collapsible easel stand, a portfolio, and a sleeve. Computer generated text tells the fascinating story of Galileo's discovery in 1611 that the earth and planets revolve around the sun, his subsequent trial before the Inquisition, and his banishment to his villa in Arcetri for the rest of his life."


Playing with Calder
By Michael Jacobs
Seattle, Washington: The Creative Zone, 2006. Edition of 100.

3 x 2.875 x 2.875" mixed media presentation of box, book, and sculpture. Media: paper, string, brass, wood, polyester film wire and beads. Type 7.5 pt. Helvetica, computer-generated on an iMac G3. Book and sculpture housed in handmade lightweight cardboard box with window and button tie closure. Structure made into interior back of box to contain accordion-fold book, 2.25 x 2.5", 14 pages. Kinetic Calder-like wire sculpture sits in box beside book.

A textual and sculptural creation "to honor one of Calder's main sources of inspiration, the universe..." Includes a biography of Calder and Jacobs' discovery of the artist.

Michael Jacobs: "Alexander Calder turned fifty the year I was born. When I was 17, his fountain mobile, 'Water Girls,' was installed at the Los Angeles County Art Museum. This large-scale kinetic sculpture was my introduction to the man and his art, and I have been captivated ever since.

"Each time I visited the museum I watched water jets hit the colorful painted steel panels on the sculpture, causing the top section to spin around in a random manner. To me, this sculpture was an amazing engineering feat – a perfectly balanced top, panels attached in exactly the right positions, water jets aimed precisely....I marveled at Calder's ingenuity and playful approach to creating art."




17 Year Itch
By Michael Jacobs
Seattle, Washington: The Creative Zone, 2005. Edition of 17.

2.625 x 2.75 x 2.875" with computer-generated text. The book structure is a viewing box for the Magicicada specimen. A pocket at the rear of the box holds a three-part accordion fold book which is removed by pulling on a black ribbon.

The book structure contains a Magicicada specimen from the Brood 10 Emergence which occurred in fifteen northeastern states in June, 2004. The specimen is mounted to a short section of a branch and is viewed through a clear polyester film window. The text outlines the life cycle of this insect. The Magicicada lives underground for seventeen years before emerging for a very active two to six week life span of procreation.

When Jacobs was a commercial art student in 1986 he was asked to create a stylized drawing of an insect on illustration board and paint the various sections with gouache. He chose a Magicicada. While completing this project he learned about tints and shades and also became fascinated with the Magicicada.

In 1987, an emergence of Magicicadas took place in 15 Northeastern States. Jacobs followed the phenomenon from Seattle, Washington, with great interest. Seventeen years later, in June, 2004, he was teaching workshops in Atlantic City when the next emergence of Magicicadas took place in the same 15 states, including parts of New Jersey. Atlantic City is not home to cicadas, but Jacobs found that many of my students lived in cicada areas. He asked for and received cicada specimens, though the students who sent them thought his request was rather strange! Those Magicicada specimens inspired this miniature book edition of the 17 YEAR ITCH.



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