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By Gail Watson
Denver, Colorado: Zuni Press, 2003. Open Edition.

13.5 x 18.5"; 18 pages. Spiral bound. Text and photos by Gail Watson.

Gail Watson grew up in New York, worked for a time in New York City, but in 2001 was living in Colorado. On September 11, 2001, she was scheduled to catch a United Airlines flight to Newark for a visit to her family. She was leaving for the airport when a friend called and told her to turn on the television. Her family fortunately was unharmed, but her trip to New York was delayed for 6 months. Her words describing the joy of that reunion are rendered more poignant by her photographs of a changed city.

Gail Watson: "These are photos I took during that visit when the memorials were still growing around St. Paul's Chapel and the twin beams of light filled the sky at night."


By Gail Watson
Denver, Colorado: Zuni Press, 1998. Edition of 10.

5.75 x 8"; 13 leaves. Paper-covered boards with black leather spine. Colophon: "Hand-set in Caslon and a chunky san serif from Nelson the Printer. The paper is Arches Cover. Printed by hand and foot on the 1887 Pearl."

A wrenching tale of physical abuse.

"On the floor kicking, screaming, and trying to breathe. His hands like a chador over my face. Top lip split, bruised and swollen jaw, and the soft inside of my mouth cut where it was forced against teeth...."


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Fotografías de Taos
By Gail Watson
Denver, Colorado: Zuni Press, 1994. Edition of 15.

11.5 x 10.25"; 10 leaves. Colophon tipped on back cover pastedown. 15 tipped in reproduced black & white photos. Letterpress printed on a 7 x 10 Pearl Platen Press cast in 1887 by Golding & Company, Boston. Type font: Trajan. Printed on Stonehenge, 100% cotton. Paper covered boards with leather spine. Cover paper handmade by Ray Tomasso. Wire bound twigs decorate the front cover. Text and photos by Gail Watson.

Photographs by Gail Watson related to her stay in Taos, New Mexico.



By Ursula K. LeGuin
Denver, Colorado: Zuni Press, 1990. Edition of 30.

6 x 6"; 20 loose leaves bound with ribbon tie that are laid in a quarter-cloth codex case of paper, handmade by Tom Leech, over boards. A tile (2.75" square) with title blind embossed has been attached to the front board of the case. Text letterpress printed on Fabriano Artistico. Colophon on back pastedown. Book design by Gail Watson.

A short story by Ursula K. Le Guin, writing in a realistic mode, originally published in American Short Fiction as part of the PEN Syndicated Fiction Project and then in Le Guin's collection Searoad (1991). It's the haunting and ultimately unresolved story of a woman beset by messages she can't seem to avoid. Messages everywhere — "lines of foam left by waves on the sand" or in "the lace collar she had picked up at a secondhand clothing store." She can see the language, translate the sounds, but she can't understand what she's being told: "she did not know what she was to do, or how she was to do it."



Circles of Gold Reflections on Life:
Selected writings of Alice Arnold Watson (1929-1983)

By Gail Watson
Denver, Colorado: Zuni Press, 1987. Edition of 60.

9 x 12"; 16 leaves. Foundry type set by hand and printed on a 9 x 13 Gordon treadle press. Casebound with book cloth over boards and a leather spine. Designed and printed by Gail Watson.

The first book published by Gail Watson, this collection of life wisdom from her mother, Alice Watson, was published after Alice Watson's death from breast cancer.

Gail Watson: "I have been printing since 1986 when I met Elaine Peck, a letterpress printer who loved to share her knowledge and expertise. We applied for and received a Folk Arts Master/Apprentice grant from the Colorado Council on the Arts & Humanities in 1987 and completed Circles of Gold, an edition of 60."

"The personal strength to deal with life's difficulties is sometimes bottled up and stifled by the fear of the cost of being honest."


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