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Regula Russelle: “For the past two decades I’ve made limited edition books and prints, and more recently, paper vessels, book-inspired sculptural pieces. and installations.

“The themes in my work recur. They contain the deep questions in my life. How do we shape a day, a week, our communal life? What is our relation to the earth? What might we become?”
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Essay, Bowl
By Regula Russelle
St. Paul, Minnesota: Regula Russelle, 2011. Edition of 100.

Regula Russelle: "26 narrow, folded panels form an accordion structure (1.5" wide x 3.5" tall; approximately 20" unfolded). 8 images are printed with photopolymer plates, translated from original stratography prints. The text is hand-set in Caslon type and printed on Hahnemühle Ingre. The book features simple hard covers, a wrapper, and a protective sleeve.

"I like to make some books that are widely affordable, say for the cost of a dinner and a glass of wine. Often I make a smaller version of a larger work. This is the case with this editioned version of 'Essay, Bowl.' Bowls serve us as powerful metaphor. They may be empty or filled. They hold and sometimes spill. They signal nourishment, fellowship. My book explores this theme in imagery and text. It is a brief essay with a philosophical slant. Among other angles, my essay examines a bowl's imaginative associates (books, houses, boats, hearts) and retells a Jewish creation myth from sixteenth century Palestine."


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Correspondence: Sheet Music for a Common World
By Regula Russelle
St. Paul, Minnesota: Regula Russelle, 2012.
Edition of 6 plus two prototypes.

Editioned (out of print). 14.5 x 9.75 x 1" box with 10 unnumbered translucent mandalaesque leaves (diptychs) laid in. Relief + monoprinting, letterpress, oil crayon on handmade abaca paper. Cloth-covered, single-tray box with a magnetic closure. Paper title label with illustration tipped on front cover. Original text by the artist. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Prototype: 13.5 x 15" box with 10 unnumbered leaves laid in. Each leaf constructed of two attached and congruent rectangular sheets, diptych-like, with a mandalaesque image. Gelatin prints and letterpress on translucent Oriental paper. Cloth-covered, single-tray box with a magnetic closure. Paper title label with illustration tipped on front cover.

Regula Russelle: "The philosopher Hanna Arendt makes a distinction between 'the planet' — which is shaped by natural forces — and the 'world' — which is formed through our intentions and acts of culture making. The health of both is necessary to make life meaningful and good.

"With this work I explore the beauty that we hold in common across cultural divides, among these: linden, oak, a robin’s nest, sweet water trout, and salty sea, music, bowls, a common meal.

"I worked on this project for a traveling exhibit in Poland. Though it contains words, it is meant to be understood without words, as well."

You see the Earth as ... so small and so
fragile — you realize that on that small spot is
everything that means everything to you; all of
history and art and death and birth and love …
that little spot out there that you can cover
with your thumb.
                    Rusty Schweickart, Astronaut



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on hospitality
By Regula Russelle
St. Paul, Minnesota: Regula Russelle, 2014. Edition of 6.

7.25 x 7.25 x 3.75" hand-built protective box with removable lid for three bowls and a book.

Regula Russelle: "3 hand-formed bowls — approximately 3" spheres — made of a cotton and abaca mix, carry embedded letterpress-printed text. A companion accordion book — 3" x 3", approximately 28" extended — is letterpress printed from hand-set Caslon type. Relief images are printed from photopolymer plates. Paper is Hahnemühle Ingres, the wrappers a hand-pulled cotton and abaca mix. Bowls and book are nested in 4 origami boxes.

"My work considers the cultivation of hospitality. It also relates to commitment to place and its tending. The 3 hand-formed paper bowls carry embedded words that invite reflection on this theme. They are as light as hummingbirds, but are surprisingly durable and strong. They are meant to be held. The book begins with a quote from Lao Tzu about the necessity of receptive space and ends with a question that asks: 'what does it mean to host a pilgrim soul?'"

Paulette Myers-Rich, Object Subject Matters blog, click here for review of On Hospitality

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