Marian Runk ~ Illinois

Marian Runk: "While memoir is by nature highly specific, the abstraction of cartooning can encourage readers to identify and empathize with a character and her story. If the details of a face are reduced, it is easier to put oneself behind the pair of spectacles and look back out. But a drawing of the specific nightstand I rest those glasses on when I sleep lends my vision the authority of detail, and when my cat knocks them to the floor, you may laugh in sympathy, if you love or maybe even hate cats. My comics rely on a combination of autobiography, abstraction, and humor to relax or challenge a viewer into intimacy with a potentially disparate experience from their own."

The Fish and the Monkey
By Marian Runk
Chicago, Illinois: Marian Runk, 2009. Edition of 400.

6 x 8.5", 48 pages. Two-color graphic printed via offset lithograph y. Cover and three -color dust jacket letterpress printed using photopolymer plates. Printed by Clifton Meador on a Heidelberg GTO at the Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts. Covers printed by Marian Runk.

Marian Runk: "The Fish and the Monkey intersperses fantasy and memoir to tell a story about love and heartbreak. Episodes between a talking monkey and a fish are juxtaposed with the memories of a young woman who is trying to re-learn the art of sleeping alone after her recent breakup."



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