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yes, but
By Lee Marchalonis, Alison Greene, Amelia R. Bird
Iowa City, Iowa: Lee Marchalonis, 2011. Edition of 35.

9” x 5” ; 44 pages. Handset 10- and 12-point Palatino with linoleum cut images. Images drawn, carved, and printed by Lee Marchalonis on Rives Heavyweight white. Bound in a modified conservation papercase of lightweight UICB flax case paper. Handsewn with a longstitch.

Lee Marchalonis: "Made as a tribute to time spent at the University of Iowa, this book includes texts composed specifically for inclusion in this book by Alison K. Greene and Amelia Bird. The images in the book are linoleum cuts of perching birds (order: passeriformes) permanently on view at the Museum of Natural History at the University of Iowa."

Introduction (on title page): "yes, but in which the artist recommends a series of specimens illuminating the unfortunate and unfashionable circumstance of their capture and subsequent display, presented alongside texts of a personal nature on parallel themes, intended to result in a serendipitous collection for pleasurable perusal, and printed using anachronistic methods and devices."

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Getting Out Going Nowhere
By Lee Marchalonis
Iowa City, Iowa: Lee Marchalonis, 2010. Edition of 24.

5.5 x 7"; 42 pages. Drumleaf binding. Linoleum, inkjet, photocopy printing, and handwork. Photo laid in. Printed wraps.

A collection of materials relating to book arts, to course work in library science, and to travel in Southeast Asia created by Lee Marchalonis. A collage of experiences in book form for the years 2008 and 2009.

On her 60 WRD/MIN Art Critic web site . Lorie Waxman wrote about an earlier journal book produced by the artist that "Lee Marchalonis appears to have lived a life of intense travel, experience, and observation, and if she has edited a word of it out of her written account of this time I don’t know where it has gone, for Marchalonis is a goddess of the fine-tipped pen, able to compose text at a mind-boggling scale of thousands of words per page, just as monks do on a grain of rice—or at least so it seems."

The same can be said of Getting Out Going Nowhere.

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Travel Book
By Lee Marchalonis
Iowa City, Iowa: Lee Marchalonis, 2009. Edition of 20.

3.75 x 2.375"; 12 pages. Accordion fold. Ink-jet printed. Slipped snuggly into a band cover that matches the size of the book. Title stamped on band and front cover.

Lee Marchalonis: "A reproduction of a journal kept while traveling in Southwest China, Tibet, and Xinjiang. Cut-out windows reveal sections of removable photographs which are stored in paper envelopes attached to the back of the pages."

Very little of the densely written pages is readable, which makes the photographs, glimpsed through the cut-out window and then removed from the page backs, more mysterious and pivotal. The reader is thrust back in the role of a child who can't read/understand the words but can be enchanted by images – not unlike being a traveler in a strange land.



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