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Andrew M. Moroz: "I’ve been a licensed practicing architect for 30+ years. But during that time I’ve constantly pursued drawing, painting, and printmaking for enjoyment and to maintain and hone artistic thinking and skills, for what that contributes to the practice of architecture."

the game in words and wood engravings
by Andrew Moroz
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Andrew Moroz, 2016. Edition of 20.

8.25 x 10.25"; 22 leaves including fly leaves. Illustrated, typeset, printed, and bound by the engraver. Engravings made in the end-grain of maple; four in "Resingrave". Set by hand in Centaur and Arrighi. Printed on 175 gsm Rives HW. Sewn in signatures. Bound in cloth-covered boards with title illustrated paper title on front cover. Slipcased. Numbered and signed by the artist.

Andrew Moroz: "Baseball has thrived organically alongside us, because its rules and structure mirror our struggles, or simply contention, with time, space, and infinity. The game is played outside of time; the end comes when the life of the game is complete and it's in the book - a point unknown to anyone at the start. The physical setting is defined by a starting point known as 'home' and rational geometry extends the field endlessly in the landscape. Alternately pitching and batting, two teams of nine have nine chances (innings), each chance limited by three faults (outs), to put players safely on the bases and bring them home again (runs). The pitcher tries to own the game, batters have a fair number of chances to wrest it away, and everyone else has moments to use their talent and skill in support. You never know what will happen in a Baseball game."

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A Poem by John Burroughs
Wood Engravings by Andrew M. Moroz
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Andrew Moroz, 2015. Edition of 10.

8 x 10"; 18 leaves, including free end pages. Set in Centaur type. Printed on Magnani Revere Silk paper. Engravings cut in the end-grain of maple. Bound in signatures. Cased in green cloth-covered boards with silk headbands. In matching slipcase with ribbon pull. Signed and dated by the artist.

Prospectus: "'Waiting' is a poem by John Burroughs that he wrote in 1863 at age 26, an unusually prescient view of 'the order of things.' It is a clear-eyed stance on his place in the world. Catskill native Burroughs was the most popular nature writer of his time, and was befriended by such luminaries as Whitman, Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, Edison, and Ford.

"12 wood engravings by Andrew M. Moroz were designed to decorate the poem with images representing the earth, the plants, the animals, and the heavens, selected for the broadly held meanings they have acquired from humans over time.

"The poem in letterpress precedes the engraved images, followed by a portrait of Burroughs."

Andrew M. Moroz: "Burroughs explained his poem as 'a happy acquiescence of the order of the universe as I found it – a faith in the essential veracity of things.' He understood, at age twenty-six, 152 years ago, that nothing is unconnected on the earth - the plants, the animals, and the heavens beyond our sphere. The deleterious effects of human activity from attempts to disconnect the parts, for convenience, are just now being realized in our time - and barely accepted. I chose to decorate the poem to reflect the order of the universe as I too have happily found it, while tramping around in Burroughs’ own deep woods, the Catskills of New York."

"The plates I thru XII thus decorate each half-stanza:
I Earth, Forest, morning comes again;
II Earth: Slide Mountain, mountains are a symbol of permanence;
III Plants: Oak Tree, a symbol of immense and enduring strength;
IV Plants: Sunflower, a symbol of devotion;
V Plants: Moonflower, a symbol of the dreams of love;
VI Animals: Trout, symbol of conviction;
VII Animals: Turtle, symbol of longevity;
VIII Animals: Fox, symbol of opportunity;
IX Animals: Heron, symbol of wisdom and judgment;
X Animals: Bear, symbol of strength and introspection;
XI The Heavens: Stars at night, (not just a) symbol of meaning from order;
XII The Heavens: “All Creation,” from Natty Bumppo’s famous Catskill viewpoint, morning again."

$625 (Last Copy)

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