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Ohio State University: "The Logan Elm Press imprint appears on all of the works published by the OSU Libraries' Center for Book Arts and is the hallmark of the learning and creative processes the Book Arts Laboratory promotes."
Toilet Worship
By M. J. Bole
The Ohio State University Libraries: Logan Elm Press, 2012.
Edition of 140.

10.5 x 11"; 80 pages. Printed on Mohawk Superfine 100 lb. cover paper using a combination of color laser and a Vandercook letterpress from photopolymer plates. Each copy includes a process-color gatefold and a sheet of perforated gum-backed stamps stencil-printed at Knust Press, Netherlands. Perfect bound into silver cloth over boards. Numbered and signed.

If ever there were a 'More Than You Ever Wanted to Know and Were Happy Not to Ask' category, this book might fit – except for those like M. J. Bole, who are fascinated by plumbing. Toilet Worship, with a layout that resembles an early mail order catalog, embodies the do what you do do well credo.

Logan Elm Press: "This book collages fifty years of scatological meanderings, segues, tangents and autobiographical intricacies of bathroom minutia."

M. J. Bole has a fascination with plumbing especially as it relates to bathroom purposes. Her projects involve a lot of historic research such as the 2012 installation at the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in Philadelphia titled Purge Incomplete which centered on the prison’s early plumbing. She participated in an artist residency at The Kohler Factory of Wisconsin, a manufacturer of bathroom fixtures and accessories.

She retired in 2011 from the Department of Art at tithe Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

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By Suzanne Silver
Ohio State University: Logan Elm Press, 2009. Edition of 40.

7 x 7.75"; 50 pages. Dos-a-dos structure. Hand-printed letterpress from photopolymer plates on glassine. Embossed. Die cut. Handbound. Signed and numbered.

Logan Elm Press: "This artist book experiments with meaning in non-narrative content. ... [W]hite-on-white and black-on-black pages can be read recto verso and verso recto, opening and closing in numerous layers, to investigate the physical act of 'reading' as the cumulative effect of superimposed texts & images."

Suzanne Silver was born in New York City. Silver studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris and received an AB from Smith College and an M.F.A. from The Ohio State University. She is currently a faculty member in the Department of Art at The Ohio State University where she teaches drawing and painting.

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An Interview with the Sphinx
By Jack Matthews
Ohio State University: Logan Elm Press, 1993. Edition of 300.

13 x 10”; 24 pages. Printed in grey and black on Johannot paper from Joanna and Gill Sans types. Illustrated throughout by Eric May's line drawings and one pop-up of the Sphinx seated center stage in front of a backdrop of Western pictorial history. Bound at the Campbell-Logan bindery using grey linen and handmade papers over boards.

Logan Elm Press: "A humorous interview between a modern scholar and the ageless Sphinx, who reluctantly recounts her relationships with Heraclitus, Sophocles, Oedipus and Homer, while playfully interjecting baffling discourses on the nature of time, memory, womanhood and truth. refusing to be pinned-down, she skillfully dodges the interviewer's questions, comically blending classical legends with contemporary myths."

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Epodes: First Poems
By Cynthia Ozick
Columbus, Ohio: Logan Elm Press, 1992. Edition of 150.

11.5 x 18; 54 pages. Printed from Van Dijck monotypes on specially watermarked paper handmade from abaca and cotton rag fiber. Plates and title page printed on double leaves. Four original double-spread monoprints using linoleum block relief plates and stenciled pigmented paper pulps. Hand-shaped window in front cover reveals colored printing underneath. Hand-sewn into an exposed long stitch onto a willow wooden spine and laid into a laser-etched willow-wood box (15.25 x 21 x 2.25"). Designed by Robert Tauber. Title page and images by Sidney Chafetz.

Logan Elm Press: "This collection of forty-six poems, published together for the first time, with an introduction by the author on the differences between writing poetry and prose, is accompanied by four original 17 x 22 inch double-spread monoprints by master printmaker Sidney Chafetz, who used linoleum block relief plates and stenciled pigmented paper pulps for the colors. Two years in the making, this book is truly a multidisciplinary collaboration, combining the skills of the author, artist, papermaker printer, binder and woodworker."

Cynthia Ozick, Introduction: “The verses in this book were wrought full of freedom … If they count for anything at all, it is on behalf of the bruises and thwartings and insatiable wantings of the young woman who once wrote them in the fever of her desire.”

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Logan Elm Press Out of Print Title:  

Creative Writing Keepsakes
Produced by The Logan Elm Press & Papermill
Columbus, Ohio: The Logan Elm Press & Papermill, 1993.

Set of 10 single sheet broadsides. Each 2 x 18". Letterpress printed. Enclosed in manila envelope with title label on cover.

This set of broadsides were produced as part of the Creative Writing Program either as the result of a reading or the residency of the writer in the Creative Writing Program at Ohio State University.

Elegy for a Postmodernist
by Edward Hirsch
Printed from handset Joana type on the occasion of Hirsch's residency in the Spring 1991. This is the first publication of "Elegy for a Postmodernist." The portrait of Donald Barthelme by Sidney Chafetz was printed from a linoleum block. Edition of 150 copies. Numbered and signed by the poet and artist.

The Simple Truth
by Philip Levine
Printed on the occasion of Levine's residency in Spring of 1991. Printed from Joanna types. Woodcut illustration by Dotti Lipetz. Edition of 200. Signed and numbered by Levine and Lipetz.

by Tim O'Brien
Printed on the occasion of O'Brien's reading for the Creative Writing Program in the Fall of 1993. Printed from Janson Types on Rives Heavyweight paper. Linoleum cut illustration by Jack Shifman. Edition of 250. Numbered and signed by O'Brien and Shifman.

Opening chapter of America by Land
by Robert Olmstead
Printed on the occasion of Robert Olmstead's reading for the Creative Writing Program in the Fall of 1993. Woodcut by Margaret Evans. Edition of 200. Numbered and signed by Olmstead and Evans.

a selection from YONNONDIO from the Thirties
by Tillie Olsen
Printed on the occasion of Olsen's residency in the Spring of 1992. Woodcut illustration by Jay Bolotin. Edition of 200. Numbered and signed by Olsen and Bolotin.

Ginza Samba
by Robert Pinsky
Printed on the occasion of Robert Pinsky's residency in the Fall of 1991. Illustration is by Arian Tio' Diaz. The lettering was drawn by Sandra Mundy. Edition of 200. Signed by Pinsky and Abrian tio' Diaz.

Lucinella Apologizes to the World for Using It
by Lore Segal
Printed on the occasion of Segal's residency in the Winter of 1991. This selection was taken from Lucinella. The illustration by Jacqueline Boyle is printed from linoleum blocks. Edition of 150 copies. Signed by Boyle and Segal.

A selection from The Bass Saxophone
by Josef Skvorecky
Printed on the occasion of Skvorecky's residency in the Fall of 1990. Edition of 150. Numbered and signed by Skvorecky.

From In the Flesh
by Hilma Wolitzer
Printed on the occasion of Wolitzer's residency in the Fall of 1993. Designed by Susan Hessler. Photography by Michael Houghton. Edition of 200. Numbered and signed by Hessler, Wolitzer, and Houghton.

excerpt from Drinking
by Geoffrey Wolff'
Printed on the occasion of Geoffrey Wolff's residency in the Winter of 1992. Illustration by Rick Borg. Edition of 200 copies. Numbered and signed by Geoffrey Wolff and Rick Borg.


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