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Lucia Press: "… founded by MaryAnn L. Miller who brings eleven years experience as the Resident Book Artist at the Experimental Printmaking Institute Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, to her work binding and publishing artist books. ... She is a poet and printmaker who has a strong desire to continue to create collaborations between poets and artists."


On Foot/By Hand
By Maryann L. Miller and J.C. Todd
Clinton, New Jersey: Lucia Press, 2018. Edition of 10.

12.5" x 12.5" closed, extends to 61". Materials: colored pencil, watercolor, transparencies, Lokta and Stonehenge papers, cotton floss, and muslin. Images taken from monoprints using india ink on polyester fabric washed with watercolor intersected by red cotton floss running stitches. Digital printing. Accordion binding. Signed by poet and artist. Numbered. Laid in cloth wrap of indigo dyed muslin.

Lucia Press: "On Foot/By Hand is an artist book produced by Lucia Press in an edition of ten on the subject of people forced from home: refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, deportees. J. C. Todd’s poem 'I Carry This' integrates the narrative of a journey into the visual images. Although the poem is set in the Middle East, the book has implications worldwide and throughout history. Timeless, it shines a cold light on the tragedy of humanity at its most inhumane.

"MaryAnn L. Miller created the original images in late 2016 as a resident at the Ragdale Foundation. Miller created fourteen India ink poured prints depicting figures of refugees, then produced five large fabric monotypes using ink and watercolor (5’ x 8’) that are akin to Japanese Shogun maps. Miller and Todd then stitched vector lines across the map-like pieces to suggest political borders. Digitized iterations of the poured and fabric prints are the basis for the pages in the artist book.

"As a container for On Foot/By Hand, Miller and Todd created a cloth wrap based on the Japanese and Korean traditions of bundles. They dyed the cloth indigo and were joined by three other artist/poets to hand stitch the 36” squares in the tradition of Japanese zokins or dust cloths.

"When closed and bundled, On Foot/By Hand is approximately 13" square by one and a half inches thick. When opened, it is 12" H by 62" W. As the pages are turned, the book slowly closes."

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By J.C. Todd
Easton, PA/Amherst, VA: Lucia Press, 2016. Edition of 20.

Poem: 9.4 x 12" book in modified accordion format. Printed on Rives BFK paper. Digital pigment prints with hand-pulled serigraphy from original monotypes by MaryAnn L. Miller. Design and binding by Miller. Serigraphy by Jase Clark. Bound in Combat Paper.

Colophon: 6.75 x 6.75" single opening book. Screw binding. Octagonal shape bound in original monotypes. Signed by poet and artist.

Lucia Press: "Todd and Miller collaborated on their artist book FUBAR during residencies at the Experimental Printmaking Institute, Lafayette College, Easton, PA and at Virginia Center for Creative Arts in Amherst, VA.

"The poem is one of a suite of sonnets written from the point of view of a female Air Force physician deployed to Iraq.
FUBAR is printed on Rives BFK paper in a modified orihon (accordion) format that allows the poem to be read as the viewer moves around the piece, creating a physical interaction. The prints in the body of the book are digitized from original monotypes and laid over with serigraphy. The colophons are wrapped with original, unique monotypes, are wired, and are meant to echo the shape of roadside munitions. The covers of the books are wrapped with Combat Paper made from the shredded uniforms of veterans, commissioned from Shotwell Paper of California.

"J. C. Todd, author of What Space This Body (Wind Publications, 2008), is a Pew Fellow in the Arts and has been awarded fellowships by the Ragdale Foundation, the UCross Foundation, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. She has been a resident at the Hambidge Center and the Baltic Center for Writers and Translators. She is a commended poet for the 2016 Hippocrates Open Award for Poetry and Medicine and a finalist for the 2105 Poetry Society of America’s Robert Winner Award. Her poems have appeared in
The Paris Review, American Poetry Review, Virginia Quarterly Review and other journals. A consultant to the Dodge Poetry Program, she is on the faculty of the Creative Writing Program at Bryn Mawr College."

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La Nouvelle "Chatte Blanche" or, The New "White Cat"
Retold by Michael Joseph
with New and Original Illustrations by Henry Charles
Clinton, New Jersey: Lucia Press, 2013. Edition of 20.

8.5 x 11"; 46 pages. Four serigraphs created by MaryAnn L. Miller from illustrations by Henry Charles. Ten digitally reproduced illustrations by Henry Charles. Text printed on Somerset Book Wove paper using an Epson Stylus Photo R2000. Canson Ingres endpapers. Bound in blue cloth boards with cloth-padded illustration on front board. Signed by Michael Joseph. Numbered.

Author's Notes: "La Chatte Blanche (The White Cat) appeared originally in 1698 from the pen of celebrated Marie-Catherine le Jumel de Barneville, Baroness d'Aulnoy (1650/1651-1705), known in her day as 'la reine de la feerie' - the queen of the fairy. The Countess d'Aulnoy belonged to a coterie of French aristocratic writers who gathered in private salons to tell often-amorous stories combining folktales with critiques of court life and male privilege. Their verbal inventions in written form became the seed of the literary fairy tale. Although Charles Perrault is the lone writer from that period whose work is widely read today, he is atypical of the culture, as salonnieres were primarily female and, unlike Perrault's short, spare tales, the late seventeenth-century fairy tale tended to be long, like the contemporary novel and satirical romance.

"Although the decorative prose makes 'The White Cat' tedious for the general modern reader, in its time the tale was a stunning success and remained popular through the nineteenth century, in both text and stage productions. Besides economizing on description, in 'The New White Cat' I have introduced three principal changes. The most substantive of these is a reinterpretation of the Cat's gruesome beheading at the hands of the prince, a plot turn that makes sense only as a figurative act symbolizing the prince's exemplary faith in The Cat's judgment. One sees a comparable test perhaps in the biblical tale of the Binding of Isaac. Accordingly, the tale's pivotal sacrifice should be that of the prince. Being marked as young, he must pass from one stage of life to the next, a transition metaphorically configured as death and rebirth. By contrast, The White Cat is immortal, a shape-shifting deity who chooses to assume cat form for her own pleasure."

Lucia Press: "The cover insert is printed on satin and padded to honor the opulence of the settings, court life, and language in the story."
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Elegy: Tying and Untying
By Lee Upton
Clinton, New Jersey: Lucia Press, 2012. Edition of 30 + AP.

11.5 x 9"; 20 leaves. Sewn binding. Printed digitally on Arches hot press watercolor paper. Bound on Davey Board covers with Iris bookcloth and Canson endpapers. Tie closure. Design and binding by MaryAnn L. Miller.

Elegy: Tying and Untying is a collaboration of three individuals based at Lafayette College – a poet, an artist, and a printmaker. It combines a poem by Lee Upton, images by Jim Toia, and design by MaryAnn L. Miller. The poem is Upton's response to Toia's images in the form of an elegy. This is the inaugural publication of Lucia Press. The proceeds in part will go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness. "Lee Upton is the author of eleven books, including the new novella The Guide to the Flying Island. She has written five books of poetry, most recently Undid in the Land of Undone, and four books of literary criticism. She is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize, the National Poetry Series Award, and awards from the Poetry Society of America. Her poetry and short stories appear widely. She is a professor of English and the writer-in-residence at Lafayette College."

Jim Toia is Director of community-based teaching at Lafayette College. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Bard College and a master’s of fine arts from the School of Visual Arts. He is the recipient of a 2000 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship and a Geraldine Dodge Foundation Grant.
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