La Ginestra ~ Kansas
(Linda Samson-Talleur)


The Phoenix
By Linda Samson-Talleur
Lawrence, Kansas: La Ginestra, 2007. Edition of 50.

7.5 x 7.5"; 6 leaves. Double sided accordion. Printed on a Vandercook
Universal I. Calligraphy by Cathy Ledeker. Relief cuts and letterpress by
Linda Samson-Talleur. Excerpts from the Codex Exoniensis, translated by Benjamin Thorpe, edited by Richard W. Clement. Housed in a cloth covered drop spine box. Signed by Ledeker and Samson-Talleur.

La Ginestra: "Excerpts from the Codex Exoniensis (circa 1100, Anonymous, in Anglo-Saxon) and an English translation (1842, Benjamin Thorpe) with vignettes, calligraphy, and relief cuts. [The calligraphed Anglo-Saxon excerpts appear on the inner 2.5 x 2" concertina that connects the larger panels on which the relief cuts appear.] A non-traditional woven format unites the illustrations and text of the book. The structure . enables the reader to handle the book in a traditional manner, paging double page spreads, or to remove the last tab from the spine and view the extended pages to reveal the image of a rising Phoenix on the recto and descending Phoenix on the verso."




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