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Knight Library, 2002: "Knight Library Press, the University of Oregon's literary fine press, publishes uniquely designed broadsides and hand bound books in limited editions. The content is contemporary writings of prominent living authors with original graphics by working studio artists. The means is traditional letterpress printing using lead type and a hand-cranked cylinder proofing press. Employing these "hands-on" technologies at the Press is not intended to replicate historical printing methods but to honor the value of the book as an artistic object as well as a vessel for ideas. At Knight Library Press, collaboration is an important aspect of the endeavor, with author, artist, and printer working in a spirit of mutual support. With each turn of the crank, new and old, art and idea, individual creativity and shared vision come together freshly on the page."

Animals and People
The Human Heart in Conflict with Itself

By Pattiann Rogers
Etchings by Margot Voorhies Thompson
University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon): Knight Library Press, 2002. Edition of 100.

9 x 10.5"; 32 pages. Leather-backed boards covered by editioned paste paper. Four copper etchings and pagination animals by Margot Voorhies Thompson. Housed in a red linen clamshell box. CD of Rogers reading enclosed in envelope adhered to back interior. Signed by the author and artist. Designed, printed, and bound by Sandy Tilcock who also created the paste papers.

Califia Books: "A beautifully illustrated and magnificent production of this seminal poem which first appeared in Orion magazine.

"Explores our long and complex relationship with animals on this earth, our desire to possess their beauty and be like them, and our need to use and control them. The book incorporates four copper etchings by Portland artist Margot Voorhies Thompson and includes a compact disk of the author reading her work."

Some of us like to photograph them. Some
of us like to paint pictures of them. Some of us
like to sculpt them and make statues and carvings
of them. Some of us like to compose music
about them and sing about them. And some of us
like to write about them.


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The Letters of Heaven
By Barry Lopez
etchings by Robin Eschner
University of Oregon [Eugene, Oregon]: Knight Library Press, 2000. Edition of 125.

13.13 x 8.63" 32 pages. Printed on Hahnemühle Heine from Bembo monotypes cast by Michael Bixler and passed through the composing stick. Cover constructed by laminating two handmade papers, Moulin de Larroque's Brown and Twinrocker's Mica Rose. Calligraphic title, headings and ornaments by Marilyn Reaves. Designed, printed and bound by Sandy Tilcock. Signed by the author and the artist.

Califia Books: "The Letters of Heaven is a remarkable story about what it means to love and about love's capacity to transform and transcend. The letters that the young narrator Ramón discovers are, he learns much later, a clandestine correspondence between two saints, Rosa de Lima and Martín de Porres. Charged by his dying father to be the future guardian of the letters, 'to protect them from the righteous,' the narrator experiences emotional upheaval and an unraveling of his own rigid moral order. He must confront the idea of ecstatic love as an element of spirituality, of physical rapture transmuted as a deeper understanding of God. And he must make a moral decision about what to do with the letters."

The Letters of Heaven first appeared in The Georgia Review (Fall 1997). This was the first publication for the Knight Library Press imprint.


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Oregon Pilgrimage in Green
A Forest Journey for My Brother

Text by Kim Stafford
Engravings by Margot Voorhies Thompson
University of Oregon (Eugene, Oregon): Knight Library Press, 2000. Edition of 100.

6.5 x 12"; 18 pages. Vertical concertina binding with an etching of a maidenhair fern that wraps around the cover boards and cascades to reveal a continuous image and text over ten feet in length. Printed from Centaur monotypes cast by Michael Bixler on Somerset Book using a Vandercook 219 proof press. Designed, printed, and bound by Sandy Tilcock. Signed by the author and the artist.

Califia Books: "The author's words and artist's images together evoke the natural world and life cycles of the Oregon landscape, a landscape that holds strong memories for Stafford."

Kim Stafford is the son of poet William Stafford.


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