Kaitlin Kostus ~Illinois


no shorthand, no signal, no semaphore
By Kaitlin Kostus
Chicago, Illinois: Kaitlin Kostus. Edition of 5.

7.5 x 5.25"; 8 pages. Accordion book. Altered shorthand textbook pages. Woodblock print.

Kaitlin Kostus: "While exploring a shorthand textbook from the 1960's, I discovered that this formerly specialized skill was taught almost only to women. However, women would be recording the words of men in a system only known by other women; therefore female secretaries held power over the information gathered from men, despite being secondary actors in the workforce.

"My experiences with gender and communication can be frustrating at best and the topic of gender at large is difficult to navigate. I chose to forge my own text from wood; this physically demanding and sometimes aggravating action mimics my frustration with gendered communication."


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