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The American Dipper
By Lynne Kelly
Index, Washington: Lynne Kelly, 2010.

8 x 5" flag book. Laser and digitally printed circular flag book. Font is P 22 Garamouche Regular. Accordion spine is reinforced with Tyvek. Text is Chapter 13 of John Muir’s The Mountains of California.

Lynne Kelly: "Not exactly a sequel to John Muir’s Favorite but more an outlet for the growing number of dipper photographs, this circular flag style book contains the entire Chapter 13 of The Mountains of California. Large circles of text were removed in order to make room for the opposing flag page of photos. In order to deny the reader not one word, the entire text of Chapter 13 can be found in a small additional book tucked into a pocket inside the back cover."
$ 275

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John Muir's Favorite
By Lynne Kelly
Index, Washington: Lynne Kelly, 2010. Edition of 30.

5.18 x 6.18"; 14 pages. Flag book structure. Laser and digitally printed. Cover paper of Hahnemühle Ingres. Font is P22 Garamouche Regular. Accordion spine reinforced with Tyvek. Text is from Chapter 13 of John Muir’s The Mountains of California.

Homage to both John Muir’s beautiful prose and the enchanting bird he called his favorite, this flag book portrays the artist’s own photographs of the American Dipper, (formerly known as the water ouzel).

Lynne Kelly: "I am lucky enough to live between 2 creeks and am at any given moment a stone’s throw from at least one dipper. I have become addicted to observing their uniquely charming mannerisms over the last 27 years. I have been thrilled with what I have been able to capture, mostly thanks to recent technological advances in digital photography - and the finest outdoor clothing money can buy."
$ 325


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