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Jubilation Press: “Cathy DeForest is a book artist who works in a broad range of media integrating etchings, letterpress printing and photography into her artist books.”
Broadsides by Jubilation Press  
An Alphabet Book Inspired by Daughters

By Cathy DeForest with Cathy Dorris
Ashland, Oregon: Jubilation Press, 2015. Edition of 50.

Book: 5 x 5"; 30 pages including pastedowns. Accordion fold. Design laid out in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Original drawings hand-painted with a combination of watercolor paints, pastels, and mixed media. Illustrations then scanned and printed on a 9880 Epson Pro printer with archival Ultra Chrome K3 inks. Page background digitally printed from a composite of painted tyvek and photography. Bound in cloth with pocket on front cover. Unique doll with moveable arms and legs fits into the pocket. Doll made from repurposed clothing, yarn, dyed wool, piper cleaners and a variety of silk, cotton, and polyester fabric. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon. Laid in 6 x 6" corduroy covered two piece box. Lid illustrated with alphabet page.

Cathy DeForest: "I created GIRLS: An Alphabet Book Inspired by Daughters to portray the unique essence of girls. When I watch girls playing make-believe, swinging on swings, or telling tales to furry friends, I see the special ways girls express themselves. To convey that individuality, I bound each book with a unique cover distinct from the other books in the edition, made from repurposed clothing for girls. A one of a kind doll accompanies each book and fits into the pocket featured on the cover. I chose to feature activities that are available to girls regardless of economics, cultural backgrounds, or access to technology. I wanted to elevate imagination and play as rich keys to childhood. This artist book is intended for children of all ages. I invite everyone to romp through the colorful alphabet letters, images, and text and to delight in the joy and creativity of girls.

"I salute Cathy Dorris for taking my illustration ideas and creating charming images. Together, we hand-painted each letter, ponytail, and skirt. Special thanks to Meg Conrard for sewing the charming pockets and dolls, to Renee Childs for printing the books, and to Sabina Nies for her precision cutting and folding."


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Musings: A Tribute to Those Who Sew
By Cathy DeForest
Ashland, Oregon: Jubilation Press, 2010. Edition of 40.

4.5 x 3.5 x .75" closed, 39" open; 12 pages. Accordion book inspired by a hand embroidered sachet bag found in Venice, Italy. Letterpress printed in Caslon type on Vandercook Universal press onto Rives Lightweight Buff paper. Each book in a unique hand-sewn bag made from either antique or modern handwork.

Jubilation Press: "While teaching artists' books in Florence, Italy, book artist Cathy DeForest ventured to Venice for la Biennale di Venezia. At the moment she saw the exquisitely hand-embroidered sachet bag in Venice, her love affair with textiles and sewing matters was rekindled. Inspired by the handwork, Cathy wrote a series of musings about the women who still do this unique art in the 21st century. Each artist book is unique, with each enclosure made from some form of handwork, some originating in Italy, some made from antique lace collars, bridal handkerchiefs and lace dresser covers."

Colophon: "I remembered my grandmother, great aunt, and mother spending hours doing this kind of work. Perhaps your ancestors were such women too. This book is a tribute to those women and the women who are still doing handwork in the 21st century. The Venetian embroidered bag and my love for this work led me to other handwork: lace handkerchiefs, delicate vanity covers, antique collars. I continued my pursuit of these unique works until I found a total of forty handsewn pieces."

Excerpt from Musings: A Tribute To Those Who Sew: "She is giving shape to beauty. That is her concern and her pleasure. She is the embroidery maker, the quilter, the lacemaker, the weaver of stories, the carrier of traditions. Her fingers may be worn and old or young and agile. They may misplace a thread or skip a knot or two, but she is determined to create a moment of meaning, a pause of solace in this world of chaos and unrelenting sorrow.”

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BOYS: An Alphabet Book Inspired By Sons
By Cathy DeForest
Ashland, Oregon: Jubilation Press, 2008. Edition of 100.

5 x 5 x 1” closed; 35” open; 30 pages. Accordion structure. Set in Adobe Caslon Pro, semi-bold italic. Cloth-covered (blue jeans) boards. Numbered and signed by the artist.

Jubilation Press: "Accordion alphabet book based on 26 handpainted original illustrations using combination of gouache, acrylic, charcoal, and Prismacolor pencil. Text highlighting the energy and antics of boys surrounds letters A-Z, stylized by Cathy DeForest of Jubilation Press.

"The 26 colorful letters and images of Boys: An Alphabet Book Inspired By Sons, reflect the essence of boys. Each book has a unique cover distinct from the other books in the edition, made from the pocket of children’s blue jeans. A puppet or toy is stuffed into each denim pocket cover, just the way a typical boy would stuff his pockets with treasures. This artist book is intended for children of all ages and the book also functions as a work of art, a sculpture that can adorn a child’s bedroom or a family room shelf. Everyone is invited to romp through the alphabet as each colorful letter, image, and text invites the reader to reflect on the antics and energy of boys."

Cathy DeForest, Colophon: "This book was inspired by my sons, Galen and Derek. I loved watching them grow up, shoving pebbles and sticks in their pockets, rambling through creek beds, talking to their teddy bears, dressing up as gallant knights, building extravagant fortresses, and playing endless hours of chess. ...

"...this book has come into print through a delightful collaboration with talented artists. Anja Dubois redrew my original illustrations with her own personal flair and Cathy Dorris painted each letter with her special mastery of color. Exquisite bookbinder, Sabina Nies, took my pile of children's jeans and transformed them into delightful book covers and bound this book. Gifted graphic designers, Christer Rowan and Renee Childs, used their talents to turn my writing, designs and color choices into this printed book."

Dashing, dueling, determined daredevils
Daydreaming, dillydallying days
Digging in dirt, ditches, dwellings


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Call of the Village
By Cathy DeForest and Nancy Bardos
Ashland, Oregon: Jubilation Press, 2008. Edition of 10.

15 x 11.5" closed, 15 x 27.5" open. Letterpress text. Four intaglio etchings. Printed on Hahnemühle paper. Bound in binder's board with maroon book cloth by Sabina Nie. Two handmade clay stones by Cathy DeForest decorate the cover.

This book opens into a triptych with the DeForest-Bardos poem on the center panel, enhanced by intaglio etchings on the side panel.

Jubilation Press: "Call of The Village opens with a colorful etching of an indigenous figure representing one of the Four Directions. Inside the book, four figures portraying the Four Directions, heighten the call to the villagers. The poem is an invitation to readers to weave a village together of invisible threads to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Each book in the edition of 10 is distinct in itself, since each etching is uniquely hand-inked by Cathy DeForest."

This artists' book was an offshoot of a project "The Call of the Village" to raise money for microloans for women in Malawi, Africa.
No matter where we live, many of us carry a village in our hearts:
   mythical or real, known or unknown.
   Filled with memories,
   Filled with yearnings,
   We are seeking a village that carries the spirit of home


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On Wings of Song
By Cathy DeForest
Ashland, Oregon: Serenity Press, 2008. Edition of 100.

3.75 x 8.75"; 10 pages. Letterpress printed on Rives BFK with a Vandercook SP20. Set in Caslon type. Images are original graphite drawings. Each image hand painted with watercolors and gouache. Housed in a lightweight blue-paper envelope-style enclosure with slip-out flap closure. Written and illustrated by Cathy DeForest. Book design by Brenda Cornett and Cathy DeForest.

Colophon: "On Wings of Song was written by Cathy DeForest, a Northwest printmaker and book artist. Her five prose poems were inspired by a bird's nest which fell out of her wisteria bush around the time her sons were going off to school."

We are nest builders, mothers of destiny.
Twig after twig, we simultaneously both fortify
and soften the nest: a sanctuary from harm's
way, a cradle to feed and nourish soul and
body. Ingenuity builds the nest, ...

A paean for nest builders of all kinds.



Cathy DeForest SOLD / Out of Print Titles:  
Our Immortal Soul
By Cathy DeForest
Ashland, Oregon: Jubilation Press, 2015. Edition of 8.

Book: 10.5 x 7.25 x .1" closed, 21" open; 4 text leaves 5 x 7", map page 10.5 x 7". Hand-inked intaglio prints highlight the text and map of ancient Mesopotamia. Map page printed on Hahnemühle Etching paper. English text set in Koufiya, Arabic text set in BFantezy. Text pages printed on rice paper. Bound pamphlet stitch on the left and right sides and wrapper of Hahnemühle Etching paper to form split cover for gatefold opening. Images of two ancient cuneiforms on wrapper. 5 x 3.5" colophon card laid in. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Laid in 11.5 x 7.75 x 1.25" custom cloth-covered clamshell box. Bottom slanted with ribbon lift for book. Portfolio lid features a miniature cuneiform of a dream journal made from paper clay and painted with acrylics. Images of cuneiforms obtained from The British Library.

Cathy DeForest: "Within 24 hours of the bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad in 2007, ten poets and several actors staged performances. At great risk, they gathered to celebrate the long history of the street as welcoming and housing the art forms, written and pictorial, that have graced the rich hsitory of the region. As a sister artist, the minute I heard of their courageous acts, I wanted a way to stand with them by creating a piece that would honor them and their culture.

"These poets stood in the debris of the bombing, but they also stood on the shoulders of our common ancestors, those who formed the first letters in clay cuneiforms, five thousand years ago. I have long been fascinated with the crucial developments of ancient Mesopotamia and its achievements: the invention of writing, the creation of sophisticated art and literature, scientific discoveries that still influence life today. As poet, Abdul-Zehra Zeki said in his 2007
Manifesto of the Poets of Baghdad, ancient Mesopotamia 'was the center of civilization,' and Baghdad was 'one of the largest cities of enlightenment in history.'

"When I discovered that the cuneiform on the right was a dream journal from Babylonia (circa 5th centruy BCE), I felt that it embodied the dreams of the Al-Mutanabbi poets in the 21st century. I wanted each viewer to have a visceral experience with the beauty of humankind’s first writing. Today we see maps of Iraq and connote it with terrorism and great suffering. I chose to replace those images with the map of the Fertile Crescent, one of the greatest sources of cultural riches.

"I realize how privlieged I am to create this piece. I am deeply aware there are many who are not free to create or even read books. I dedicate this piece to all who, like the Baghdad poets who proclaimed their Manifesto, risk their lives daily to protect artifacts and sacred books in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan, and beyond. May each of us answer the call of the poets to cherish and preserve the treasures of our global heritage."

Our Immortal Soul was created for "Absence and Presence" Exhibition as part of the Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Project, a project featuring the work of over 500 artists from around the world exhibited internationally since 2008. Our Immortal Soul was chosen by the Guild of Book Workers as part of their Vessel Exhibition that is touring the US from 2015-2017.

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By Cathy DeForest
Ashland, Oregon: Jubilation Press, 2011. Edition of 12.

11.25 x 9.25 x 2.25" container with pamphlet, polymer photogravure, and twigs. Cloth covered custom box built by Sabina Nies. Interior lid with built in frame for photograph.

Pamphlet: 9 x 6.5"; 19 leaves. Text pages of Niyodo Natural paper. Bound in covers of bark papers with thread and twig binding.

Cathy Deforest: "YET is dedicated to the Ecuadorian woman I saw in a field gathering sticks. In my desire to share her presence with others, I turned my photograph into a polymer photogravure and designed a book to reveal a poem I wrote about her.

"The first line of the poem is respectfully borrowed from Wendell Berry."

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