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Amy Fleming: "For the past several years, my work has focused on salvage yards, trash scatters, and wreckage rendered in a landscape format. This stems in part from a lifelong interest in archeology, as well as growing up in the rural Tidewater area of Virginia, where junkyards several acres in size were a common part of the landscape.

"The reason trash scatters sites are so prized by archaeologists is because of the amount of information they provide about the people who produced them. We are what we throw away. Things that were once considered valuable at some point lose their luster and get tossed aside, left to either deteriorate or be collected by someone who can still find some use for them. Likewise, things that we collect and regard as valuable, that we keep because of the status this ownership confers can be lost with little or no warning.”

Patio Furniture
Amy J. Fleming
Tallahassee, Florida: Amy J. Fleming, 2016. Edition of 6.

6 x 8.5"; 18 individual loose cards. Screen printed on French paper. Set in Garamond. Hand coloring. Housed in 8.5 x 11 x 2" painted wooden box completed with recycled window screen. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Amy Fleming: "I spend a lot of time exploring the woods around my home in North Florida. Some sections of these woods have, for many generations, served as dumping sites for all kinds of discards. In one spot would be several kitchen items, down the trail a bit would be the remnants of a bathroom, and further along are TV sets and the remains of stereos and turntables. It's like walking through a house that has been scattered over miles of woodland. I collected some of these items and brought them home.

Patio Furniture explores this exteriorized interior. Pages are arranged so you begin by entering through The Abandoned Door and find yourself in the kitchen. It progresses through the living room, bathroom, and on until you're once again outdoors. Nearly every object has been damaged in some way through exposure to the elements, the subject of target practice, or just heavy use.

"Each image is screen printed and hand colored. Each screen door box is finished in white shellac with screen and trim from recovered wooden window screens, therefore there are minor differences from one box to the next."

Amy Fleming, Introduction: "An inventory of things on my patio, most of which are broken. Here and there is the occasional poem."

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