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Trawling My North Shore Mind
By Sara Owen
2006. Edition of 65.

5.75 x 8.25"; 27 pages. Printed at Wells College in NY. The typeface is Bell. The paper is hemp-cotton mix, handmade at the Lost Arch Papermill in AL. The images are all cut from linoleum blocks. All writing, artwork, printing, and binding is by the artist in fulfillment of her Master for Fine Arts degree.

Sara Owen: "The word trawl is a fishing term. It means to fish with a net that drags along the sea bottom to catch fish. In a more modern usage, it means to sift through large volumes of data, looking for something of interest. In this book of poems and stories, [I] sift through a life of memories on the North Shore of Boston, and this book is [my] catch."

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The Kudzu Chronicles
By Beth Ann Fennelly
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: 2005. Edition of 35.

6.25 x 7.25"; 32 pages case bound. Handmade cotton endsheets. Bugra text papers in evergreen and grey. Typeface of Adobe’s Fournier printed using photopolymer plates. Twelve multi-colored linoleum cuts, carved by Sara Owen. Quarter-bound in maroon bugra with a handmade paper spine and a paper kudzu leaf inlay.

This is the first publication in its entirety of The Kudzu Chronicle written by Beth Ann Fennelly, professor of English at the University of Mississippi.

Sara Owen: "Driving south on the highways of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Alabama last summer, I was captivated by the botanical phenomenon known as kudzu. Never before had I seen a plant that makes curtains of its vines on roadsides, blankets medians, and drapes itself onto trees. I wanted to make a book about kudzu- to share my fascination - and found the text 'The Kudzu Chronicles' by Beth Ann Fennelly, professor of English at the University of MS to be perfectly suited for my idea. Ten multi-colored linoleum cuts inspired by the text are found throughout the book, in colors to complement the text and cover papers."

Kudzu sallies into the gully
Like a man pulling up a chair at a table
Where a woman was dining along. …



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Visiting Green Mountain
By Sara Owen
Tuscaloosa, Alabama: 2006. Edition of 35.

6 x 9"; 5 pages with a 9 x 24" reduction linoleum cut of three boxcars in the centerfold. Printed on Rives Heavyweight text paper with handset metal type in Walbaum, and paprika colored textured Mohawk paper.

Sara Owen: "As the story goes, I had taken photos of several old, rusted train cars down by the banks of Lake Champlain in VT in '03 with the intent of doing something creative with them. I thought they were beautiful and interesting. Three years later, when I visited many were missing. This is an anecdotal account of one of these mysteriously missing train cars and the thoughts that connect with the incident."

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