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Chester Creek Press: "The main focus of the press is publishing limited editions of contemporary works of prose and poetry. Most of the production work of each edition happens here in our studio – design, illustration, papermaking, letterpress printing from handset metal type, and bookbinding."

Dusk at St. Mark's
and other poems
By Dylan Willoughby
Illustrations by Anthony Mastromatteo
Chestertown, New York: Chester Creek Press, 2009. Edition of 36.

5.25 x 8.5"; 40 pages. Letterpress printed at Penland School of Crafts on a variety of papers handmade by the printer with Kennerley Old Style types cast by Swamp Press. Illustrations printed with polymer plates made from original drawings. Bound by hand in a modified sewn board binding with a leather spine, Twinrocker handmade paper covers (Willow Creek Dark) and Hahnemühle Bugra endsheets. Enclosed in a wrap around Asahi bookcloth-covered hard case.

From the website of Dylan Willoughby: "Dylan Willoughby is a writer currently living in southern California. His fiction has appeared in the acclaimed Story magazine, and his poetry has appeared in literary magazines in the US and the UK."

The spire silhouettes a fire
The dark stamen of a flame
Its anther fringed by whorls
Of browning oranges
Isn’t this happening enough?
I ask myself and slurp
My coffee. ...
(Dusk at St. Mark's as seen from Dunkin' Donuts)


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Crows on Bare Branches
By Tom Sexton
Chestertown, New York: Chester Creek Press, 2008. Edition of 50.

5.5 x 8"; 44 pages. Letterpress on Johannot mouldmade paper with Kennerley Old Style types. Six multi-color illustrations printed from woodcuts and polymer plates. Bound by hand in a long-stitch style binding with a Twinrocker handmade paper jacket and Hahnemühle Bugra endsheets. Enclosed in a wrap around Asahi bookcloth-covered hard case.

Chester Creek Press: "18 poems about the changing seasons told through the migrations of birds in Alaska. Tom Sexton and his wife, Sharyn, have lived in Alaska since the 1960's. He taught English at the University of Alaska where he is now professor emeritus. Tom was the poetry editor of the Alaska Quarterly Review for many years, and was appointed Alaska's poet laureate in 1995. They now spend every other winter in Eastport, Maine. Tom is the author of several poetry collections including The Bend Toward Asia, Autumn in the Alaska Range, and A Clock With No Hands."

Jay McHale (associate professor of English at Salem State College) in "Tom Sexton: Alaska's Poet Laureate by Way of Salem State College": "Sexton's Crows on Bare Branches is addressed to a Japanese haiku painter Suzuki Koson. Sexton says, 'There was a school of Chinese and Japanese landscape artists in the early 1900s who would make paintings based upon reading a haiku. They would paint them in about two or three minutes'...

"Like a haiku painting, Sexton's poetry is free from lavish ornamentation. Restraint and the enjoyment of things create the aesthetic. The voice of the poet is that of a barely conspicuous figure who like a dwarfed hermit in an oriental painting simply blends into the awesome landscape of Nature's vast realm with all its implications."

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The Moon Rose
By Jody Gladding
Chestertown, New York: Chester Creek Press, 2006. Edition of 60.

5.75 x 8.75", 20 pages. Printed on Hahnemuhle Biblio mouldmade paper. Bound in a Fabriano Tiziano paper cover. The typeface is Eric Gill's Perpetua, hand set and printed letterpress. Signed by the author and illustrator.

A cycle of 12 short poems by poet and translator Jody Gladding (Whiting Writers Award winner) accompanied by 2 woodcuts by Susan Jane Walp. The poems take their titles from the names of various moons: "Wolf Moon," "Flower Moon," "Rose Moon," "When Cold Moon," etc.
In paper cover $ 75
In black cloth letter fold slipcase $275

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Promeneur Solitaire
By William Hathaway
Chestertown, New York: Chester Creek Press, 2005. Edition of 50.

5.5 x 9" with 48 pages. Printed from hand set Perpetua type, on Hahnemuhle Biblio paper. Handmade Khadi paper cover.

This collection of poems take their form and content from daily, early morning, two-mile walks to Contention Cove in Surry, Maine and from the spirit of Rousseau. Promeneur Solitaire contains new work as well as poems that previously appeared in The Green Mountains Review, Poet Lore, Poetry, The Gettysburg Review, Chiron Review, The North American Review and Poetry Miscellany.

William Hathaway is a former professor at Louisiana State University, Union College, and Long Island University at Southampton. He now lives in Maine, pursuing happiness in other employments. He is the author of seven books of poetry, including Fish, Flesh, and Fowl , Churlsgrace, and Sightseer.

Come friend, said I to the sluggish fly
battering at December light, give it up
and die ....
(from the Winter Fly)

Paperwraps $75
Cloth bound $140


The Crane Wife
By Robert Walp
Chestertown, New York: Chester Creek Press, 2004. Edition of 35.

5.5 x 6" with 22 pages. Printed letterpress on Hahnemule Gutenberg paper. Case bound in paste paper covered boards.

The Crane Wife is a traditional Japanese folk tale. It is an old tale, told in many ways in many cultures, a story of love and greed. Hiroshi, a poor man, rescues a crane from a trap. In a few days a young woman, Keiko, appears at his door. Eventually they are married and are happy. But Hiroshi begins to regret his poor state because he wanted to purchase pretty things for Keiko. She decides to weave a beautiful cloth which he sells for more money than he ever thought possible. Greed sets in. He pushes Keiko to weave more, the more she weaves the weaker she becomes. Eventually she flies out of his life. Robert Walp says: "The words and illustrations in this version are mine, but the story belongs to us all."

Chester Creek Press Out of Print Title:
• Home for Dinner

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