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Hoppmann Is a multi-media artist working primarily in watercolor, India ink, and graphite. He studied art for one year in Florence, Italy, before graduating from Drake University in 1978 with a BFA in graphic design and commercial art. An offset press operator in the graphic arts industry for twenty years, Mark returned to art full time in 1999.
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Mark Hoppmann SOLD titles:  
A is for Alien
(and other abecedarian adventures)

By Mark Hoppmann
Tacoma, Washington: Crow-Magnon Press, 2012. Limited Edition.

6.625 x 6.5"; 64 pages. Digitally printed on Canson Classic Cream artist paper. Hand sewn to create the book block. Mounted into the cover created from a variety of handmade papers and book cloth. Illustrations created using a dip pen and India ink, graphite, or conte crayon, then scanned and laid out with computer software.

Mark Hoppmann: "I always seem to take a perverse pleasure in making things difficult for myself. Not content with creating a collection of 26 original illustrations representing a particular letter of the alphabet, I decided each illustration needed an accompanying capital. Although inspired by the myriad of typefaces that have been created over the centuries, they are as unique and eclectic as the main illustrations themselves. The title, A is for Alien, and its accompanying illustration are not so much to be taken literally, but hopefully will encourage the reader to see common objects and concepts from another point of view. After all, everything is alien when we see it for the first time. This book is not meant to be carried with the reader, but left on a table waiting for someone to come along and open its cover to see what is inside."

(P is for Phantasy)
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Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crows
By Mark Hoppmann
Tacoma, Washington: Crow-Magnon Press, 2013.
One small format of 50, one large format of 50.

Large format: 9 x 12.5"; Small Format: 8 x 9.5". The books in each format have 128 pages (4 signatures of 16 leaves or 32 pages) containing 117 digital prints from Hoppmann's original illustrations. Printed on 90 pound Canson Classic Cream® drawing paper. Hand deckled. The binding of each book and the box containing each book are different. One example: bound into leather cover with tie. Cover wrapped around book block and held in place with found object (bamboo clasps, driftwood). Laid in handmade wooden box with embellishments of found hinges, driftwood, rope. Signed and numbered by the artist on the title page.

Mark Hoppmann: "The idea behind Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crows began unknowingly with a simple sketch made several years ago. Crude, like most sketches, but this knock-kneed twisted little bird had a character that was hard to define. The title, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crows, like so much of the work in this collection, is a play on words, taken from a book first published in 1841, titled Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds written by Charles Mackay.

Rosemary Ponnekanti, Tacoma News Tribune February 24, 2012: "This series follows an unlikely hero - the small tented figure of a crow - through some pretty astonishing adventures in time and place. With amazing dexterity, Hoppmann shows what beauty can be created through simple pen and ink (or at least calligraphy nibs, colored India ink, conte crayons, and graphite). Inspired by historical illustrations such as The Book of Kells, Hoppmann makes textures and borders with every imaginable line work: hatching, cross-hatching, flaring geometric shapes, curlicues, patchwork. It's the ultimate doodle, intricate and flawless. And inside these borders are the crows: humble little birds with astonishingly expressive gestures considering the only facial feature they have is a beak. Like comic book heroes, they wander through literary and historical worlds ..."

Mark Hoppmann: " While The Madness of Crowd' deals with the delusions of many, including the Salem witch hunts, and Tulipmania, I have attempted to take both the delusions and fantasies of my own and use crows as the messenger.

"Each handmade book contains over 117 illustrations with virtually no text except where text is part of an illustration."

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