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Brian Cohen: "Books are an ideal vehicle to connect images rather naturally, ordering and structuring a sequence, and allowing the viewer a controlled pace and progress through the images. I’ve been thinking in sequence or series since my painting days. I like the idea of a visual story whose narrative may be inferred but will remain ambiguous, its shapes, textures, and movement guiding the viewer. Visual books offer fruitful possibilities for the continuity, connection, and unfolding of images. Each image is complete in itself, yet linked to every other through the structure of the book. A book reads, travels, exposes, and tells its story. Text and visual image speak in parallel, through association, synthesis, or divergence. The reader is transported beyond what is written in words or shown in pictures. The book is a house. It contains and describes a world, and creates its own space; it is touched, held, and opened with intimate pleasure in the hands and time of the viewer."

The Fool's Journey
By Brian Cohen
Westminster Station, Vermont: Bridge Press, 2007. Edition of 18.

11 x 14.25 x 1"; 23 leaves. Etchings created by the artist. Printed on handmade feather deckle paper from Papéterie St. Armand in Montréal, Canada. Printed with the assistance of Eve McNeill and Erika Reed at Bridge Press. Titles of the cards handwritten by Tamara Stoneburner of Gracestone Calligraphics. Enclosed in a soft fabric wrapper created by Sara Creighton of Easthampton, Massachusetts. Housed in a black paper portfolio with tie closure.

Brian Cohen: "Fool’s Journey is a book of twenty-three etchings based on the major arcana of the traditional tarot deck. Loosely based on Renaissance cosmography, the book is a visual representation of a philosophical world-view, each card presenting a universal archetype of human experience and a parallel, symbolic element or quality of the physical world. ...

"The tarot originated in the Renaissance as a form of cosmography, a visual illustration of a philosophical world-view. Each card presents an archetype of human experience illuminated through a parallel, symbolic element or quality of the physical world. The progression of cards in sequence represents a journey of discovery, awareness, and insight, from the ignorance and blindness of the Fool (number 0) to the spiritual illumination of the World (number 21). The composition of each etching is based on a varied geometric framework derived from study of the history of art and sacred geometry."

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Pierrot Lunaire
By Arnold Schoenberg
Westminster Station, Vermont: 2007. Edition of 21.

22.5 x 15.5 x 1"clamshell box constructed of sheet aluminum. Contains a folio of poetry and a CD of a July 2003 performance at the Yellow Barn Music Festival for which the artist created the images. Designed by Brian D. Cohen and Dan Carr.

Pierrot Lunaire is Cohen’s visual interpretation of the cycle of twenty-one poems by the Belgian Symbolist poet Albert Giraud that was later composed into an atonal song cycle by Arnold Schoenberg. This book takes the form of a folio of 21 etchings from the dark, caustic, and poignant 1912 song cycle Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schoenberg. The etchings are printed twice on each page—in intaglio (etched lines print dark) and relief (surface holds ink and lines are light), a visual analogy to the sudden (and startling) reversals of emotional tone from tenderness to despair in the music.

Review from “Image & Text—Brian D. Cohen” at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center Summer 2007: “… the brushed aluminum box cover introduces the book. A design of overlapping circles has been gently sanded onto the surface of the box. Then the pages begin to the right of the cover, their placement echoing visually the qualities of Schoenberg’s atonal composition for the poem cycle. The etchings on each of the pages were printed from one metal plate, but one appears to be very dark and the other much lighter, due to the two different printing methods Cohen employed. Each poem has been set in a different typeface and appears in French, German, and English. The poem is printed in its original French, in the German of Schoenberg’s song cycle, and in English translation.”
$2,750 (Last two copies)

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Poem by Wilhelm Muller
Translation by Holiday McNeil
Westminster Station, Vermont: Bridge Press, 2001. Edition of 15.

29 x 38 cm; 46 leaves + 1 compact disc. Text in English and German. Etchings printed with a silver surface roll on Magnani Pescia. Bound in silver and gray mottled boards, lined in silver paper containing wisps of white fiber. Silver metallic tyvek hinges. Laid in a black cloth clamshell case with silver spine label. Compact disc of Schubert's Winterreise and program notes laid into two pockets of the case. Accompanying compact disc: Winterreise / Franz Schubert. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone; Jörg Demus, piano. Deutsche Grammophon, [1995], p1966. Program notes accompanying the disc, by Karl Schumann, in English; song cycle in German with English translation. Numbered. Signed by artist, translator, and binder. Etchings by Brian D. Cohen. Translation by Holiday McNeil. Binding by Linda Lembke.

Bridge Press: "Winterreise is a book of twenty-one etchings of winter scenes suggested by the song cycle Die Winterreise (The Winter Journey) by Franz Schubert. Selections from the text of the song, written by Wilhelm Muller and translated into English by Holiday Eames, precede each image, printed in Walbaum on translucent paper. The text and prints reveal the solitude and desolation of a lonely traveler as he leaves all that has been familiar and dear to him. Included with each book is a CD of the legendary 1963 recording by Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau with pianist Jorge Demus."
$1,800 (Last Copy, AP. On Exhibition)

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Vedute Italiane
Etchings by Brian D. Cohen
Text by Sharon Krauss
Saxtons River, Vermont: Bridge Press, 1997. Edition of 15.

10 x 14; 20 leaves. Printed on Magnani Pescia in Centaur type. Unbound. Laid in sienna-brown paper envelope with leather tie and button closure. Numbered. Signed on colophon by Krauss and Cohen.

Bridge Press: "Vedute Italiane, 1997, a small folio of sixteen etchings by Brian Cohen and a reflective prose piece on the redolent associations and pleasures of Italy by Sharon Krauss. The book focuses on an abandoned abbey in Tuscany that becomes the center of the artist's and writer's loving depiction of the Italian countryside. ... Bound in an intimate enclosure by Linda Lembke."

$1,500 (Last two copies)

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