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Broadsides by Bloodroot Press  

Cool Breath in a Cave
By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 1998. Edition of 70.

6.25 x 4.75"; one page poem. Printed letterpress in four colors on Okawara paper from handset Garamond type. Single signature sewn into boards covered in Jade Elephant hide paper with a flexible cloth spine. Dark denim mango leaf kozo paste downs.

Jean Bartlett: "Growing up in southeastern Ohio, a frequent family activity was going to explore "The Seven Caves." While quite young - all of 5 or 6 - my father often took my older brother and I fishing. Summers were hot and muggy growing up, and the coolness found both in a cave and before dawn at a lake fishing are vivid memories."

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I Am Taking My Time Making Something
By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 1993. Edition of 100.

6 x 9"; 3 pages. Poem and handmade abaca and indigo dyed kozo cover paper by artist. Printed from metal engravings of computer generated Eve type on Ragston paper. New Mexican rock wall inlaid frontispiece photograph by Tom Finke. Available in a cyanotype or silver print version. Accordian fold text pages bound between handmade paper-covered boards.

Jean Bartlett: "Making paper from natural plant fibers is a laborious, yet extremely satisfying endeavor. Kozo - the inner bark of the mulberry tree, and abaca - a plant native to the Philippines, yield long and luxurious fibers. The papermaker must cook the plant stalks or tree limbs in order to strip off their outer barks to reach the inner bark. These fibers are in turn cooked again, then hand-macerated with a long pallet until the fibers are silky. This labor-intensive fiber preparation makes for a superior and unique sheet of paper.

“The cover sheets for I Am Taking My Time Making Something were formed from fibers prepared in this way. Each sheet was double-dipped: the natural abaca was dipped first, and the indigo-dyed kozo second, creating a single sheet with two unique layers. The dried sheets were then cut in half with a paper knife. One half was used for the front cover - the other half for the back cover.

“My creative process needs uninterrupted time and space to unfold. The generous white space on the text pages is intended as a symbol of this. The poem addresses small everyday occurrences that may either accentuate or hinder the creative process. The cliff-dwelling frontispiece photography alludes to the solitude and space needed to sustain artistic efforts."




I Was on My Way up the Stairs to See You
By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 2000. Edition of 135.

4.75 x 6.5"; 10 pages. Poem, letterpress printing, title page casein and gouache illustration. Hardcover binding with appliqué and linen thread embroidery by the artist. Handmade raw flax and cotton rag cover papers formed and pigmented pale blue and red oxide/walnut by Ann Marie Kennedy. Printed from metal engravings of Nancy Leavitt's original calligraphy on Frankfurt Cream and Deep Green Ingres Antique paper in three colors. Fabriano Roma Moretto (deep red) pastedowns. Originally printed in 1989 under the imprint Parley Vale Press.

Jean Bartlett: "Events happen to me in such a way and with such timing that I am convinced nothing happens accidentally. Why else would I overhear the other American staying at the Hotel Jeanne d'Arc in the Marais section of Paris cussing at the bathroom door? I ventured out of my small top-floor room to offer, ‘They always give out the wrong key at the front desk. You won't get the right key or be able to take your bath unless you act dumb and ask again politely.’

“I forgot all about this American man with curly hair and a rather wild and exhausted gaze until he knocked at my door two days later, looking much more relaxed and friendly. He was a painter from Pittsburgh who had a studio in New York City.

“He had remarkable powers of observation and articulation - relaying what he saw and how it made him feel. He made a deep impression on me and he came back to haunt me in the dream sequence revealed in this poem."
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By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 1998. Edition of 35.

4 x 12" flag book. Poem and photographs shot at the Orto Botanico Giardinodei Semplici in Florence, Italy, by Jean Buescher Bartlett. Printed from handset Garamond and Goudy type on New Zealand flax flower pod dyed Rives BFK. Hardcover concertina "flag" binding. Green Thai Momigami covered boards.

Jean Bartlett: "Finding an intimate space to photograph in bustling Florence was difficult and elusive. But I kept passing a formal, modest-sized building with inviting, but gated grounds that always appeared to be locked. I wondered if it was some kind of institute. One day while I was slowly walking by, someone rang the front bell and was admitted. And then I noticed other people on the other side of the gate clustered within the grounds, as well as greenhouse. Finally I got up the nerve to ring the doorbell, and I was told that the house and surrounding Orto Botanico Giardinodei Semplici were open to the public. At every opportunity during the rest of my month-long stay in Florence, I photographed this setting with my Kodak Retina IA 35mm Range Finder camera.

'"The custodian rode his bike to work and the bicycle was always leaning along the same expanse of greenhouse wall. He looked like the artist Brancusi, and I imagined that it was he who so deliberately arranged the collection of large, patinaed clay pots, inverting some as bases for others. Observing this man's habits, I saw him as a caretaker in the truest sense of the word. "



By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 2002. Edition of 14.

5.5 x 9.25"; 2 pages. Printed form handset Centaur type in two colors. Bound between black silk bookcloth covered boards. Handmade and decorated paper title label inset on front cover. Text includes an original colored pencil drawing and poem by artist.

Jean Bartlett: "This book emerged from a small epiphany. The creative process is at once tenuous, elusive, exhilarating, and exposing. This book is a response and celebration of these qualities."


What's Out There
By Jean Bartlett
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press, 1993. Edition of 25.

3.75 x 3.5"; ten paneled accordian fold structure with slipcase. Cyanotype sun prints by Tom Finke with poem by Jean Bartlett. Printed from handset Perpetua type on Lana Laid paper in three colors. Red Kasugami endsheets. Pochoired, handmade paper covered boards.

Jean Bartlett: "A six-week artist residency at the Ucross Foundation in south-central Wyoming - not to mention a cross-country drive - put me in a succession of new and astounding landscapes. From my studio window, I had an uninterrupted view of a wide and desolate expanse. During this time, a photographer friend was writing to me and including his recent work. I pinned up a series of cyanotype images that he sent and was moved to write about them, as well as the winter landscape out my studio window. The photos and reflections resulted in What's Out There. The ten-panel accordion book structure was chosen to echo the long horizon."


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