Jillian Bruschera
~ Illinois


Word Vomit 652
By Jillian Bruschera
Chicago, Illinois: Jill Bruschera, 2011. Series variant, unique.

4 x 4"; 8 unnumbered pages. Ink on vellum. Bound in corrugated cardboard with sewn binding. Housed in corrugated cardboard wrapper with interior pocket for book to slip into. Title handwritten on wrapper cover. Signed by the artist.

Jill Bruschera: "A form of visual journaling, Word Vomit developed as a translation of drawing from compulsive stream of conscious writing. Automatic processes and fractured narrative give visualization to the fluctuation of thought while playing with the authority of words. In a sense these pages build themselves: it is a matter of emptying thought and letting it fill a page. Unplanned compositions reference the nonlinear flow of regurgitated ideas while instinctively placed content enables an active conversation between word, image, and their hybrid form. Such mark making echoes an active and cluttered human condition. Aspects such as an unordered sequence of events, ambiguous viewpoint, and a puzzling readability all lend a hand in the creation of nonspecific space, whose only confine is its cover. The meandering orientation of this book allows the viewer freedom to move about on an unfixed path.

"Physically ephemeral, a corrugated cardboard covering actualizes the inevitable wearing of time. A remnant of process and transportation, cardboard is a material useful to the processing of products, yet it is the insignificant, tossed out product of the process: it is made to hold temporary mass, not intended to hold lasting meaning."


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