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The First 100 Days in the Dark

By Boldface
Woodstock, New York: Boldface, 2017. Edition of 100.

9.75 x 9.75 x 2"'; 50 pages of 2-card pocket acetate sleeves. 100 giclee prints. A postcard collector's album bound in black leather with ribbon tie closure. Inset on front cover with title card. Signed and numbered by the artist. Colophon slipped in pocket on interior back.

Boldface: "Since the January 20, 2017, inauguration of our heinous new regime, I have been creating a daily work of text-art using only the boldface type from 'The New York Times' headlines. I call the project 'BOLDFACE: A Daily Poem Made of Truth, Lies, and The New York Times'. I believe that biting wit and slashing humor are vital weapons in our resistance so I am armed with a gluestick and Exacto knife and can be considered dangerous. I evoke the film-noir look of a ransom note made from newspaper fragments, because democracy has been kidnapped and as a woman, as an artist, as an American, I want it back. In that spirit, each day, I choose from the available words to spell out an aphorism or truth hidden beneath the current of events. They are poems. They are wisecracks. They are blessings and curses. There are dick jokes. Lots of dick jokes."

Boldface: "I am responding to my personal terror and rage caused by the new so-called President with a series of text-artworks made from the boldface type on the front page of The New York Times each day. My goal is to usurp the highly charged words of which headlines are made. By rearranging them into an aphorism or poem or wisecrack I can take those words back. I am uncovering a story that lurks beneath the headlines. Some of my BOLDFACE pages are truth. Some of them are lies. (Funny, there IS a difference.) Political humor and artworks made from newspapers have historic precedents in art history. I invite everyone to take an exacto knife and a glue stick and slice up their own newspapers. BOLDFACE requires a John Cage-ian reliance on the given elements—the headline on a day. Within that framework, art happens. Talk back. Let your hands act out and show the world your BOLDFACE."

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