Dionysus Press
~ Pennsylvania
(Dennis Marsico)

Fine press books by Marsico  

Passion or Politics
by Dennis Marsico

12.75 x 19", seven broadsides. Printed on 460gsm Hahnemühle 100% cotton Photo Rag paper. Inkjet printed and letterpress printed with hidden messages inked, using invisible ultraviolet ink. Housed in lightweight 13.5 x 19.5" aluminum box .

For the Mattress Factory Museum exhibit "Messages and Communications" (October 2, 2005-April 3, 2006), Marsico constructed a cylindrical "Rare Book Room" with an adjacent "Entrance Hall". Using the subjects of passion and politics, Marsico created a series of illuminated broadsides for the Entrance Hall. These messages hold clues to what the viewers will experience in the Rare Book Room. There are seven broadsides from this series that comprise this boxed set: Cheney; Rumsfeld; Rove; Santorum; Ashcroft; Ten Commandments, Arabic; and, Ten Commandments, Hebrew.

Boxed set $750 (Last Copy)

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